An image of women in a yoga class.

Over the weekend I was out of town and needed a yoga fix, so I went to the local library in search of a yoga DVD. I was anxious to try a new workout video and hoping to find a great new instructor. Unfortunately, the selection was not the best and included titles like Yoga Weight Loss for Dummies. Yes, I do own a few books in the For Dummies series, but when it comes to yoga, I was skeptical and a bit of a yoga snob, thinking that the Dummies could never do it justice. However, I let my morbid curiosity get the best of me and had to check it out.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised after I finished the 37-minute workout. It provided a combination of standing and mat yoga postures blended into a flowing sequence that kept me moving and definitely got my heart rate going. I even broke out in a little sweat.

Of note, a standing version of cat-cow that will become part of my regular at-home repertoire to keep my back stretched.

The good: This video is perfect for someone short on time and seeking a combination of yoga and aerobics to get that daily fix of endorphins. It provides helpful tips throughout the workout, along with posture modifications.

The bad: If you are seeking a soothing yoga workout, this DVD is not for you. You will need to block out the unfortunate choice of background music, and there is no savasana at the end. How can a yoga video not have savasana?

All in all, I would recommend trying it if you like to do your yoga practice in the comfort of your home and need a quick yoga fix. You can always add your own savasana! Try looking for it at your library or buying a used version on Amazon.

Yoga Weight-Loss Workout for Dummies

Got a great yoga DVD to recommend? Please let me know – I’m officially in search of great yoga DVDs!