In my recent blog “Amazing Yoga Moments,” I announced that I had triumphed over one of the many “ego poses” (thank you, Meg (@yogasavestheday), for that term) that had eluded my yoga practice. As I got into tripod pose for the first time, I blissed out with a major sense of accomplishment. As usual, instead of just relishing in the glory of my new achievement, I immediately set myself a goal to get even further into the pose. Yes, I threw down the gauntlet and publicly announced that I would dive further into Ego Pose Land and accomplish a tripod handstand before the month of September. For that, you can call me a big, fat yoga dork if you’d like!

To make sure this experience wasn’t really a fluke, I kept trying the tripod pose at home. Amazingly, I was able to repeat the pose without the supervision of my yoga instructor. Each time I tried it, I also attempted to pull my legs up into a headstand. These futile attempts clued me in that this was not going to be a solo effort. I needed a little help from my friends.


Last week I got the help I needed from my instructor and got those legs up in the air into my very first tripod headstand! Everyone in class was super supportive, and I even got a little applause when I came out of the headstand. I have to admit, it was really hard getting into the pose, and I would not have been able to do it without assistance. I never realized how much strength you need in your core to pull up your body like that, and I’m going to need to get my gut in shape if I ever want to do a headstand on my own.

So, I got by with a little help from my yoga instructor. I got a yoga high with a little help from my friends. I got closer to accomplishing my goal of achieving tripod headstand. Sending a shout out and thanks to Deirdre at Lifesource Yoga!