I just had a pretty amazing savasana yoga experience. I was in a class at Lifesource Yoga with Deirdre Sargent, and she led us through a fun practice with lots of stretches and hip openers. She has a great way of structuring the class so it is challenging for some and restorative for others. It was one of those classes that I enjoyed so much that when it was time for savasana, I was surprised that the class had gone by so fast.

Once I stretched out on the floor in savasana position I noticed right away that my back was comfortable. This rarely happens and when it does, I’m ecstatic. Typically, the curve in my back makes it uncomfortable to lie in savasana, and I have to shift around to get comfortable or use a prop under my legs. When my back doesn’t hurt in this position, I know the instructor has taken me through all the right moves to stretch my back.

The song playing was “Aqueous Transmission” from Incubus, a smooth, calming song that perfectly set the mood for the dreamy nap to come. Deirdre started off with a few nuggets of wisdom to set us on our savasana journey and said something to the effect of (it’s hard to quote someone when you are lounging in a state of relaxation, so, Deirdre, I hope I come close to what you said), “Lose your expectations for today. In fact, forget about your expectations for the rest of your life and just relax, breathe, and let your body rest and renew itself.”

This message really hit home for me. I spend so much time worrying about what I have to get done each day and what I need to accomplish this year that the thought of just putting all the angst aside for a few minutes and focusing on renewing my spirit and my body was totally freeing. I did it too. Forgot everything and just lay there in utter bliss, with a cool breeze coming in from the window, listening to beautiful music, my body warm and tingling from the amazing stretches. How amazing to just let it all go, even if only for a few moments.

At the end of savasana, Deirdre sang to us in Sanskrit, and it was a beautiful way to be awakened. I don’t know what she sang to us, but whatever it was resonated with me for the rest of the day. I was thankful for the practice of yoga for not only opening up my body, but for opening up my mind to all of life’s possibilities.

Here’s hoping you have an amazing savasana meditation experience this week. Have you had an amazing savasana experience? If so, I’d love to hear about it!