My ego thinks she is pretty damn hot. She is always trying to come in and take over my thoughts when I’m entering the yoga zone, deep into a meditation session, or, I’m sad to say, when I’m supposed to be relaxing in savasana. Recently, I was relieved to learn that it is natural for our ego minds to try to take over our thoughts. I thought maybe my mind was just a little too hyperactive, jumping around everything from what I’m going to eat after class to what I’m going to write about next on the Daily Downward Dog instead of allowing me to go inward and focus on my yoga practice.

The thing about our ego minds that really kind of stinks is that they want us to be unhappy and to think negative thoughts. Really? What a beeyotch.

Well, guess what, ego? I’m onto your little games now, and I’m going on the record to say, “You are not the mistress of my mind.” I’ll let you have your fun, but I’ll be waiting patiently for my thoughts about my breath and my body to drift back to me, allowing me to bliss out and be present.

Go on now, go, walk out the door, just turn around now, cause your not welcome anymore*. My daily meditation practice is helping me turn off  the fire hose of thoughts running rapidly through my mind, and instead taking me to a happy spiritual place.

*Music Monday Theme Song – “I Will Survive” (without my ego mind)