This past week kicked ass! Here are just a few highlights in no particular order.

1) founder David Procyshyn wrote a pretty cool review of The Daily Downward Dog. has a wealth of information about yoga poses, breathing, meditation, and they just so happen to have FREE online yoga classes!

2)      I taught yoga to awesome students this week, several of which were new to yoga. What an honor to get to teach someone yoga for the very first time. I hope the first time was as good for them as it was for me and that they continue to have a fulfilling yoga journey.

3)      I led my very first yoga nidra during my Back Care Yoga Class at Nirvana Yoga and loved seeing the blissful faces afterward. Do you think it would be weird for me to record my own voice so I can practice yoga nidra, listening to myself?

4)      I remembered to take the time to also be a yoga student and attended a kick-butt Power Yoga class led by Jeremy Weiss at Yoga Bliss Akron. The hot room is downright tropical, and I almost felt like I went on a vacation. It felt good to sweat and push myself.

5)      YogaMint is featuring one of my all-time favorite stories about savasana on their home page.

6)      I got an unexpected surprise when I got to meet Cherie, a fellow Twitter yogini buddy, who was sweet enough to attend one of my yoga classes. Cherie has a new line of NamaSTAY towels coming out in bright, new spring colors, so be sure to check them out.

7)      I really enjoyed the mash-up of work, yoga teaching, writing, and family this week. I’m starting to feel more balanced and am so appreciative that I get to do work I’m passionate about.

8)      The neti-pot confession booth was a big hit (thanks for all the comments), and I’m thinking my fellow yogis and yoginis may just need some more confession-booth time in the future.

9)      I’m on the way to breaking a few traffic records this week at The Daily Downward Dog, so THANKS to everyone who stopped by.

10)   I got to wake up this morning to the sound of the waves from Lake Erie and a beautiful sunny day in northeast Ohio. Despite the cold temperatures, the crocuses were blooming today and spring is here! Tomorrow I am heading to the Cleveland International Film Fest with my hubby. I feel blessed. Life is good.

Can’t wait to see what this coming week will bring!

Photo: Bert van ‘t Hul