Tired of slipping all over your yoga mat during those hot yoga sessions? I know I have been to a few hot yoga classes recently, and there is nothing worse than feeling like you are moving into a yoga split when both of your feet are supposed to be firmly planted into your mat for Virabhadrasana 1 (a.k.a. Warrior 1).

I’ve seen a lot of different slip free towels you can place on top of your mat, but to be honest, I was always afraid I’d slip slide off of one of those too.

Enter Cherie Greenwald and her fantastic NamaSTAY towels. Cherie is an Ohio native (woot woot) who developed a pretty damn innovative non-slip yoga towel that has sleeves to hug yoga mats, so the towel stays flat. Genius! Now I can sweat to my heart’s delight, and have no anxiety that I’m going to do a face plant into my pool of sweat.


I’ve been test driving my very own purple passion NamaSTAY towel for the last few weeks and absolutely love it. The fabric is super soft and feels downright luxurious under my feet and on my hands when I’m in downward facing dog. I believe this towel just may be responsible for improving my practice, as it absorbs the sweat and provides a firmer grip for my hands and feet. Even savasana is a little more yummy with this extra cushion of comfort on top of my yoga mat.

Each towel is made of recyclable 80% polyester and 20% nylon microfiber towel fabric and washes up nicely in your machine washer. I’ve been told to wash it separately the first time as the color might bleed, but I threw caution to the wind and washed a whole load of darks with my towel and didn’t have any issues.

The NamaSTAY towel comes in two sizes:

Medium fits yoga mats that are 72” length x 26” width

Small fits yoga mats that are 68″ length x 24″ width

Click here to go to the NamaSTAY yoga mat sizing chart to see which size will fit your mat!


I love supporting women entrepreneurs and my peeps from Ohio, so if you are in the market for a non-slip yoga towel, I can highly recommend the NamaSTAY towel and if you order direct from the Daily Downward Dog you’ll get a special 20% discount. Just select the color and size you would like below and then click on the Buy Now button to purchase your very own NamaSTAY yoga towel securely through PayPal. The cost for shipping is for domestic U.S. shipping. If you live outside the U.S. and would like to order a towel, please contact the DDD and we’ll provide the pricing for international shipping.

Select a Color/Size

You can also order an assorted 5-Pack of Towels in either Medium or Small and save over 50%!

Select a Color/Size

If you choose to purchase direct from the NamaSTAY yoga towel website please use promo code DOWNWARDDOG so you can still receive the 20% discount.

I often have yoga students ask me how to handle sweaty palms or feet in yoga class, and now I have a great answer for them! Summer is coming and yoga studios will start getting hotter. Now is the time to get your very own NamaSTAY towel and forget about slip sliding away!