On Wednesday I started to dish out some of the stories from the Rodney Yee yoga teacher training workshop I attended. I promised to share a funny (I can laugh at it now) encounter I had with Rodney Yee. It seems that every time I meet a well known – or dare I say “celebrity” – yoga instructor, I find a way to embarrass myself in front of them. You can read about my yoga dork encounter with Max Strom this past June, and of course, I had a similar mishap with Rodney.

There were no men in attendance at the workshop, so you can imagine what the line for the women’s bathroom was like during the breaks. I was standing in line when one of the owners of Yoga on High tapped me on the shoulder and told me and a few other women at the end of the line that we could go ahead and use the men’s room. I’m a long-time veteran of sneaking into the men’s room when the women’s line is unbearably long, so I didn’t hesitate when given the invitation.

Rodney Yee

I was the only brave yogini in line that snuck into the men’s room and quickly went about my business. As I was washing my hands, the door to the men’s room opened. I turned to look, and yeah, you guessed it, Rodney walked in. I’m sure my jaw dropped, but Rodney was totally at ease and just let out one of his infectious laughs as he teased me about invading the men’s room. I diverted my eyes to the sink, flustered and red-faced and told Rodney, “Well, I wanted to meet you in person, but this is not the way I pictured it.”

I’ve been chased out of the men’s room before but this time it left an indelible mark, and as I sneaked out the door, I promised myself to never again adventure into a men’s loo!

Oh well, at least I’m consistent in my yoga dorkiness. I can hardly wait to see what happens the next time I meet a yoga celebrity.