The yoga poetry love fest continues today with a little ditty from Bob Weisenberg about how freakin’ amazing life can be!

If you are not familiar with Bob, he is the Associate Publisher of Elephant Journal, creator of an incredible series called  Gita in a Nutshell and Gita Talk: Self-paced Online Seminar, and also happens to be a kick-ass flamenco guitar player. Bob and I share a common goal: to help demystify yoga for our readers. If you have ever struggled through a reading of the Bhagavad Gita, Bob breaks it down by major theme instead of the order it’s written. He mashes up the big ideas and the best quotations, opening it up for community discussion, and it’s a beautiful thing. Please check it out on Elephant Journal or Facebook, and if you’re curious about his flamenco guitar, you can download a few free cuts on his Yoga Demystified site. You should know that a little flamenco guitar can bring a touch of flair to just about any yoga class playlist.

Bob was lucky to have three of his poems chosen to appear in Volume I of The Poetry of Yoga, a superb new anthology of contemporary poetry that was edited and pulled together lovingly by community organizer, peace educator, author, spoken word poet, yoga instructor, and artist HawaH. I’ve been featuring some of my favorite poems from the anthology over the past week in hopes that many of you will head on over to The Poetry of Yoga website to pick up your very own copy.

The Meaning of Life–Who Cares?

By Bob Weisenberg, The Poetry of  Yoga Volume I, page 85

According to the ancient Yoga sages

Questioning the meaning of life

While living

Is like questioning the meaning of a roller coaster

In the middle of a roller coaster ride.

Or, like questioning the meaning of love

In the middle of lovemaking.

Who cares when something is so amazing?

The amazement IS the meaning.

The amazement IS the ultimate reality.

The amazement IS the life-force of the universe

All around us and within us

Far beyond our ability

To absorb or comprehend.

The amazement IS what some call God

And the ancient sages called Brahman.

In the midst of the ups and downs

Of life and love

Just relax, breathe deeply

And experience the infinite thrill

of the amazing ride.

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