Last week I wrote about putting the teachings of Erich Schiffmann into practice by meditating and asking the universe for direction on what I need to know. So far, so good. The universe has been calling me back (yes calling, not texting—the universe has not quite caught up with technology yet) with helpful tips and affirmations that I am on the right path.

The messages I’ve received to date have motivated me to meditate even more and for longer periods. In a way, it’s a little like getting addicted to Facebook.

So, I wanted to share another cool meditation experience that happened to me. As I was meditating recently, a memory of a quote from Max Strom popped into my brain. In A Life Worth Breathing, Max wrote the following:

“Abandon asking for certain things to make you happy. Why not just pray for happiness? Maybe God knows better than we what would make us the happiest.”

While I was meditating, instead of thinking about or asking for certain things I wanted the universe to tell me, I started to focus my meditation solely on being happy. When I started to do this, the sensation of a bright white light began to shine down on me right at the crown of my head. I have experienced this before in meditation, but this time the light was intense and almost immediate. When I finished my meditation and reflected about the experience, I figured that since I was meditating outdoors, surely the bright light was attributed to the sunshine, but when I looked up into the sky, I noticed I was sitting in the shade and had been for a while.

I’m attributing the bright light to another call from the universe. Of course we should ask for happiness. We don’t need to ask for a new car or a new Manduka yoga mat to make us happy. Just opening your heart and putting out a prayer for happiness is the way to go.

That bright light was the universe telling me, “Yes, Maria, now you are finally getting it!

Even though it has been over a year since I studied with Max, his message stayed lodged in my mind, and I was pleased that it resurfaced in my meditation practice. They say that when you are ready, the teacher will come; but sometimes the teacher comes, and you just need time to let their lessons catch up. I feel so lucky to have had teachers like Erich Schiffmann and Max Strom to guide me on my meditation journey, and I’m looking forward to continuing the trip!

Ask for Happiness

Try out this little exercise the next time you meditate. It’s really simple and to me just seems like such a humble and straightforward request. Ask to be happy and let the universe figure out what exactly that is. I’m thinking that just the act of meditating on being happy is going to be spiritually beneficial for anyone who tries it. It’s working for me. Please let me know if it works for you.

Lightbulb Image: Paola Murias