I’m asking for your help today – if you can contribute a few seconds of your time, it will help me spread the joy of yoga! I’d love it if you could head over to http://bit.ly/voteforyoga to watch a short video, and if you like it, give it a vote.

This video is the combined dream of Stephanie Spence and me, one that we hatched when we met for the first time last year. We want to travel across the United States and teach yoga to as many people as we can to help spread the word about the healing and transformational benefits of yoga and meditation. Our classes will be open to the public, but we’re aiming to have as many of them as we can nearby military bases so we can reach current military personnel, their families, and veterans. If we can get the classes on a beach or outdoors, all the better!

We have submitted our video into the Ford Fusion Energi Ultimate Road Trip Adventure contest. If we win, we’ll get the opportunity to take a road trip in a new Ford Fusion Energi and be filmed for a reality TV show. This hybrid car is super fuel efficient, so we should be able to hit quite a few cities and reach countless yogis. The car has a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack and electric motor with a gasoline engine ad with a full take of gas and when fully charged, the driving range is an EPA-estimated 620 miles (electric and gas combined). Yowza – that is awesome!


fusion energi contest

When I heard about the contest, Stephanie was the first person I called, and we jumped at the opportunity to use this vehicle (pun intended) to help us give legs to our idea.

So how did this grand plan come about? It’s actually a fun story! Stephanie and I initially met through following each other on Twitter. We have quite a bit in common – we’re both avid social media mavens and bloggers, yoga teachers, writers, and loving life in our 50s. When I was heading to Phoenix last year, I reached out to Stephanie for the scoop on the local yoga studios I should visit, and she led me to my very first wall yoga class and even took the time to interview me for her Tales of the Traveling Yogini series (soon to be a bestselling book)!

After hanging out together on a yoga wall, we had coffee, confessed our mutual desire to combine our passions for yoga, travel, and adventure, and vowed to someday find a way to take our road trip.

Not only do we believe we will win this contest, we’re also hopeful that Ford will continue to sponsor us so we can keep these free yoga and meditation classes going long past the time the designated prize budget runs out.

Full Moon Pic from Jennie

If you really, really like the sound of our project, please go back a couple of times – or every day until September 30 – and vote again and again! After you watch the video there is the opportunity to get bonus votes by watching videos about the Ford C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi hybrid automobiles, so if you have a few extra moments to get the bonus votes for us, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

Sending out big hugs and thanks for your time and help in making this dream and ultimate yoga road trip a beautiful reality! I’m putting it out there into the universe and BELIEVING!!

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The deadline to vote is September 30, 2013…click here to watch the video and VOTE! If you really, really like it, share it with your friends as well so we can get even more support to offer FREE yoga classes.