What if I let go of all of my fears today and did something I’ve never dared to do?

What if I let go of regrets from the past and just focused on being in love with my life today?

What if I put down my I phone and really connected with those I love?

What If I let go of caring what others think of me and let my freak flag fly high?!

Two words with so much power … What if.

These two simple words more than inspired me a few weekends ago when I attended a Saturday night yoga extravaganza with 800+ yogis in the gorgeous new atrium of the Cleveland Art Museum. Doing yoga with a group of people is special, but when you get to do it in an incredible venue with the combined energy of hundreds of yogis supporting each other, add in awesome music, and do a little yoga mat dancing and meditation, that my friends is what I call yogalicious!

BelieveinCLE 2 (c) New Image Photography

Photo courtesy of New Image Photography

This second Believe in CLE event was the brainchild of Tammy Lyons, owner of Inner Bliss Yoga Studio, and Adam Tilocco, who wanted to create a yoga movement to celebrate pride in Cleveland. These two asked each other, “What if we put together a yoga class at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland?” That simple question blossomed into one of the coolest yoga events I’ve ever attended with over 1,400 yogis from all over northeast Ohio coming together as one community to practice yoga, meditate, and dance on their yoga mats on a gorgeous September evening with the sun setting over Lake Erie and the illuminated Cleveland skyline and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the back drop. I can’t even describe what the energy felt like – a yoga moment I will never forget, the pure joy from it brought me to tears as I lay on my back looking up at the stars during savasana. If it was possible, it made me love Cleveland and yoga even more!

I’m sure that when Tammy and Adam said “What if…?” that first time, they never dreamed that the outcome at the events would look like this…

Cleveland Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Believe In CLE

Photo courtesy of Simone Jowell Photography

Sweaty from dancing on our yoga mats and full of bliss, we were all asked to ponder this question from Tammy: “What if we took all the love, compassion, and sense of community we are feeling on our yoga mats and brought it back to share in our own communities?”

What if we treated all beings with the same amount of love and compassion?

What If? These two words have definitely inspired me to go out and make a difference off my yoga mat and out in my community.

What if you believed in and made a dream come true?

What if the possibilities for peace and joy are endless?

What if you [fill in the blank]?


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