Don’t you just love that headline? I am especially fond of it, but I’m biased because it is my official mantra of 2015! I am a big believer in forgetting about setting New Year’s resolutions and instead adopting a few meaningful mantras to keep you focused, peaceful, and happy.

Last year my mantra was I Am Love, and by no means am I kicking that one to the curb. In fact, I Am Love will forever be a mantra that I take on my spiritual path.

Every time my ego mind starts spinning a negative story, or one that is bringing me down, I start to tell myself, “Maria, do not believe that story. Let it go, and make up a better story because you are not your fears. You are love.” It is an incredibly powerful mantra, one that has been a game changer for me.

I am not fear….I am LOVE.

I am not judgmental…..I am LOVE

I am not hate; I am full of compassion and LOVE.

Power to Manifest My Dreams

Now, I have a complimentary add-on to my mantra. Each time I am reminding myself that I am love, I’ll just roll right into, “And I have the POWER to MANIFEST my DREAMS!”

Try saying it a few times, it just feels good.

I have the power to manifest my DREAMS!

Every time I say it I feel my manipura chakra start to spin with delight, building up my reserves of personal power. Watch out, 2015 – I am going to be limitless!

I shared my new mantra in the yoga classes I taught on New Year’s Eve and had quite a few yogis tell me that they were going to adopt it as their personal mantra as well. You are welcome to use it too, but just be careful – mantras and intentions can be extremely powerful, and you might just make those dreams come true!

Woo Hoo & Happy New Year, Yogis! Keep being awesome and full of love.

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