MC Yogi’s Mantras, Beats, & Meditations has been in my car’s CD player for the last month, and it may just be the coolest yoga music CD I’ve ever listened to. But I admit: up until I heard this new album, I was saying that about his last one, Pilgrimage. Using a delightful mash-up of […]


Because I’m Happy!

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June 25, 2014

Holy cow – it has been way too long since I’ve written about cool yoga music! So, to make up for my yoga playlist slacking, I’ve decided that my next few blog posts will be dedicated to CD reviews, cool summer yoga and music events, and my new favorite yoga theme song. Get ready for some happening harmoniums, musical […]


Do You Have Balls?

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June 18, 2014

Can you believe I recently got an email from the folks at Icebreaker Merino posing that question? These New Zealanders wanted to know how I was bringing adventure into my yoga practice. I could tell them about my quest to get into handstand without the aid of a wall by the end of the summer, or how at times I […]

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Well, another Beach Yoga Bliss retreat is in the books, and I couldn’t help but recap all the reasons why Beach Yoga Bliss II in Aruba more than just rocked. It was crazy awesome this year, and here are a few reasons why. Walk This Way. Yoga wasn’t the only physical activity on the agenda; […]


I cannot even control the excitement over here at DDD headquarters because the Beach Yoga season is about to start in just 2 days! Wootie Woo Hoo! If you thought winter would never end, well it has baby, and we are springing our way right into summer! It’s time to roll out your beach yoga mat on […]


Let Your Heart Soar!

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May 12, 2014

These last few weeks in northeast Ohio have been absolutely splendid. There is rebirth and renewal everywhere – a delightful transformation from gray to green, barren to blossoming. Last week we even got to experience our first day in 2014 where the temperatures reached 80 degrees (woo hoo!). This is a time of year when I always have […]

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This is one of my favorite pranayama breathing exercises and a great way to clear the mental chatter to prepare for either an asana or meditation session. Nadi means energy channel, shodhan means to cleanse or purify, and pranayama is the name for yoga breathing exercises.  This breath exercise is also called alternate nostril breathing. […]

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Moms spend a lot of time comforting their children – nursing them back to health when they are sick, making sure they eat right, and sharing lots of hugs and kisses. Now you can give your mother or a special lady in your life that same gift of comfort with The Kind Mat by VerniceVita. […]


I have to say that these last few weeks of teaching yoga have been an absolute delight and full of creativity. Even though it was cold and snowing like crazy on March 29, a packed house at Yoga Bliss Akron heated it up so it felt as hot as Jamaica, and the picture was complete […]


Spring Cleaning

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April 3, 2014

Spring is a time of year that brings me a great deal of joy as nature comes alive again with budding trees, daffodils, and green grass. I get to wear sandals again as the weather starts to warm up after a brutally hard winter here in Ohio. But, there is one part of spring that […]