Meditating GirlI stumbled upon this article yesterday and had to share it. The article was written a few years ago by Frederic Premji and is a list of 100 Benefits of Meditation (I love a good list!). If you’ve thought about trying meditation but have never done it, I guarantee this list will get you ohmm-ing.

The list is broken up into three sections of benefits: physiological, psychological, and spiritual.

Here’s a few of my favorite benefits from the list:

#5 – Leads to deeper level of physical relaxation

#14 – Enhances energy, strength and vigour

#20 – Decreases aging process (yes, I need this)

#38 – Resolve phobias and fears

#41 – Increases creativity

#55 – Purifies your character

#88 – Deeper level of spiritual relaxation

#95 – Helps living in the present moment

Frederic makes a really great point at the end of the article—one of the best reasons to try meditation is that it is absolutely free. Meditation requires no special equipment, no special clothing, and virtually anyone can do it!

With all the warnings and disclaimers we hear after the advertisements for prescription drugs, I think it’s refreshing to find an activity that can improve your health without irritating your bowels, making your hair fall out, or any other bizarre negative side effect.

Give meditation a try. If you have never done it before, I recommend starting out with a guided meditation CD or an instructor. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it anytime or anywhere.

Illustration by: Oshin Beveridge

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