One of my yoga instructors has designated the month of July as Hip-Opener Month!

We hold a lot of crap and tension down in our hips, and I, for one, love a great hip-opening pose in yoga class to stretch out those muscles and release the massive quantity of angst I’ve stored up in my hips over the years. Plus, I really think hip-opener poses help release tension in my lower back.

If you want to chuck some of the tension you’ve been holding in your hips, try pigeon pose (eka pada rajakapotasana), my favorite hip-opener pose. You’ll find directions at MyYogaOnline. Please warm up before you try this pose, and be sure to follow the directions and modifications.

I think we need to start a national movement and make Hip-Opener Month a worldwide event so everyone can let go of that nasty stress and angst building up in our hips.

There’s only a week left of July, so get out there and try some hip-opener yoga poses and leave me a comment below and let me know what your favorite hip-opener is.

Photo: Martin Louis

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