One of the things I love about going to yoga class is looking forward to what kind of music the yoga instructor will play during class. I’m not a big fan of the organic, mystical Eastern yoga music genre. I prefer it when the instructor plays modern music, the kind of music I hear on the radio: rock, reggae, rap—it’s all good!

I’ll never forget the first time I was in a class and heard “Ganesh is Fresh.” I got a huge smile on my face, and I’ve been a big fan of MC Yogi and his mix of yoga-inspired music mashed up with hip-hop and rap ever since.

Most instructors who play current music tend to go with a softer style of rock in keeping with the mellow vibe of a yoga class, but a few nights ago in class, my yoga instructor had a really kick-ass playlist, and I was loving doing my poses to music that ranged from The Doors’ “Light My Fire” to Flo Rida’s “In the Ayer.” The combination of the yoga posture flows, and the rockin’ music really made for a cool yoga experience. Oh, hot damn, this is my yoga jam!

Elephant Power

Illustration: Robert Proksa

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