I love rocking out to a good tune while practicing yoga. The yoga music experience just adds another rich layer to practicing yoga, and the other day while I stood in mountain pose (tadasana), I found myself becoming musically inspired.

Standing incredibly tall, heart pressed forward, with my head reaching as high as possible, I was oozing with full-on yoga dork love for mountain pose when the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” popped into my head.

Instantly, I was transformed into a Supreme and singing the opening oh, oh, oh, ohhs and humming the melody. I felt like the TV character Ally McBeal when a theme song would pop into her head during a challenging or romantic situation. The theme songs sometimes were her conscious acting out, but they always provided her encouragement to go for it in both life and the courtroom. They also came with slick choreographed dance moves.

I decided right then, I needed to have my very own yoga theme song to inspire me on the yoga mat, and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” officially became my mountain pose theme song. Now every time I take tadasana, I’ll be channeling Diana Ross and rockin’ that pose with my very own yoga theme song.

I can’t wait to start thinking of theme songs for all my favorite poses. How about “Ganesh is Fresh” by MC Yogi for elephant pose or Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” for goddess pose? I’m thinking pigeon pose may be difficult to come up with, but it will be fun trying to come up with the best yoga music theme songs.

I’m sure I’m not the only yoga dork out there who has songs running through their head while doing their vinyasa flow. Do you have a go-to yoga theme song? Tell me about your yoga music playlist, the music that invigorates you or made you want to start dancing during yoga class.

Illustration: yasin öztürk