I was on a road trip this weekend, listening to tunes on the radio, singing at an embarrassingly loud level, fully emoting, and practicing all my best backup singer moves. Yes, I was driving and no, I didn’t care what the other turnpike drivers thought of my awesome car-seat dancing. I was getting down with my bad self and somewhere between Ohio and Pennsylvania, my new yoga theme song came on the radio—“This Will Be” by Natalie Cole.

First off, I have to say that this is one of the most infectious, joyful, sing-along love anthems ever written. You just can’t help but join in and clap during the piano introduction, and then the horn section blows in and away we go; it’s love, love, love!

So, how did I turn a song about the joy of newfound love into my yoga theme song? Well, just like the dude Natalie is so rapturous for in the song, I think yoga may just have been the one thing in my life I’ve been waiting for.

I look forward to practicing yoga each and every day, and yes, it has brought a lot of sunshine into my life.

Yoga has helped me to live in the present, to love and be accepting of others, to relax and let go of my stress as I breathe and meditate. This is a happiness (and less stressful way of living) that I never knew.

I’ve tried lots of other exercise forms; running gave me a high (and shin splints), walking on the treadmill was convenient (but boring), Zumba® is like going to a club and dancing all night to get into shape (and a total blast), but none of these can take the place of you-ga.

Stretching and breathing and oming and loving. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I’m so glad I found yoga when I did. It has helped heal my aches and pains, to grow spiritually, and, yes, it has truly rectified my mind.

Yoga, this will be an everlasting love, a new passion in my life, and one I know will be around from now on! I do believe you’ve got more thrills to share and I can’t wait!

Image: Yasin Oztürk