Today’s yoga theme song (actually, this could work year round) is “Let Love Rule” by the incredibly hot and musically gifted Lenny Kravitz. I got inspired for this theme song at the end of a yoga workout given by Eoin Finn on Eoin led me through a class called Daily Dose of Bliss. Eoin, with a class name like that, you had me at hello!

I totally love Eoin’s job title—Blissologist—and his life mission: “To stay in touch with that deep vibration of love so that I can be a conduit for it in all I do in life. I want to inspire people to be continuously lit up by this mysterious but powerful force.”

In addition to turning me on to a really cool variation of pigeon pose*, the 45-minute class was the perfect yoga workout for me. It loosened and lightened my body, released toxins, and, I have to admit, I felt pretty damn blissful when it was over. At the end of class, during savasana, Eoin asked us to remember the radiant place we created through the practice and to ask ourselves how we could share it with others. He urged us as we practice yoga to light someone else’s fire and to let love rule! Enter today’s theme song…

I hope Lenny, Eoin, and I have lit your fire today! I know I’m feeling a lot of love in the room. This song is definitely going on my yoga songs playlist.

*Pigeon pose variation: Below is a screen grab of the video to give you an idea of what this variation of pigeon pose looks like. While in pigeon pose, with your right leg behind you and left leg bent, take your right arm and thread it under your left arm and feel that delicious stretch in your left hip and then repeat on the other side.  You gotta gotta let pigeon pose rock!

Variation on Pigeon Yoga Pose

Love Photo: Nicole Jenkins