Don’t you just love when you learn a new word? I recently heard someone use the term yogalicious, and I knew immediately that it would become a part of my yoga lexicon.

With every new word I learn, I typically go to the urban dictionary to make sure I really understand what it means before I use it (believe me, I’ve been burned before). I was surprised to find that yogalicious was not yet defined on the urban dictionary, so guess who submitted it as an official urban term? I felt it was my civic duty.

It took a few days, but I’m happy to say that the awesome editors over at UD have approved my entry and now I am a published contributor on the urban dictionary. How cool is that?! You can check it out at Urban Dictionary or see the definition below:


Any aspect of the practice of yoga that provides great pleasure or delight.

That new yoga pose we learned today is yogalicious.

by Downward Dog on Nov 28, 2010

So, in honor of my new favorite word, here are a few ways to bring yogaliciousness into your life:

1)      Try a new asana you have been afraid to try. It’s time to go for it and challenge yourself on that yoga mat. Every time I try a new pose—even if I don’t get it right the first time—I always get a little surge of yogaliciousness for making the effort.

2)      Tell your yoga instructor how much you enjoyed his or her class. I guarantee you will make them feel yogalicious.

3)      If your mat is getting a little tattered or smelly, recycle it and buy yourself a pretty, new yogalicious yoga mat.

4)      Grab a friend who has never tried yoga, and bring him or her to yoga class with you. It’s time to share the yogaliciousness with the special people in your life.

5)      Next time you see a yoga classmate in exceptionally nice yoga togs, tell him or her that his or her outfit is yogalicious.

6)       Instead of saying you are blissed out or have a yoga high, try saying, “I’m feeling yogalicious today.”

Got any yogalicious experiences or fun, new yoga words you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.

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