I’ve been a bit remiss on sharing my yoga theme songs. They pop into my head and bring inspiration all too frequently to share each and every one with you, but I’m happy to say that the latest yoga theme song made it to my yoga class playlist last week, and I just had to share it.

“Believe” by Lenny Kravitz is not a new song, but rather a classic hit from 1993. I heard it on the radio while hitting my snooze button for the fifth time last week, and once I finally got up, I immediately pulled out my trusty Greatest Hits album and added a little Lenny to my yoga class playlist last week. I have to tell you that every time that song came on during class, I felt a special vibe in the room.

“If you want it, you got it

You just got to believe

Believe in yourself”

Note to Lenny (because of course he reads the D.D.D.) – love the song, but the space suit has got to go.

The combination of the lyrics and Lenny’s sexy, soulful delivery make for a pretty powerful message while your students are running through their asanas. This would be a great song to play during a challenging flow or while teaching a challenging new pose, when you want to provide a little subliminal boost of encouragement to your students.

At 2:55 into the video, I love the guitar solo and the chimey/bell things. It almost sounds to me like a church anthem (well, the kind of musical anthem I’d like to hear in church).

“The future’s in our present hands

Let’s reach right in, let’s understand

If you want it, you’ve got to believe, YEAH!”

There are so many great lyrics in this song, but, for me, the message is pretty damn clear. Do you want something in your life? Then get off your butt, work hard, believe in yourself, and go after it. It’s kind of a personal mantra for me these days. Sending out the belief of all I want to accomplish in life and believing that I really can do it. Letting go of the fear, letting go of the excuses, and believing I can manifest it.

What do you want? Do you believe in yourself enough to get it? Listen to “Believe” a few times, and you may just be inspired enough to go for it!