Each week so far I have put together a new playlist for my yoga classes, and it is something I really look forward to not only creating, but sharing with my students. It gives me a chance to pull out old CDs I haven’t listened to in a while and also to search out new music that will be perfect for the mat.

While setting up for a recent class, my BlackBerry wasn’t working, and the thought of not having music kind of freaked me out. I pulled out my trusty move that always works when my phone is acting wonky—pulling the battery out and rebooting—and that did the trick. Disaster averted.

I’ve been a little lazy about posting my playlists, so here is a recent list that got a few thumbs up, and, actually, I need your help in identifying the artist on one of the cuts. Take a look and listen and let me know if you can help! This playlist did not necessarily have a theme, but I have added a few liner notes regarding my musical selections.

Opening Breath Meditation

“By Chance” · Jim Brickman

OK, I don’t want any crap about using Jim Brickman. The dude is from Shaker Heights, Ohio (woot, woot—hometown boy), and his soothing piano tunes were perfect to talk over as I brought the class into some grounding breath meditation. Jim is one of my go-to guys for soothing piano music for the opening and closing of classes.


“Ventura Highway” · Mysterious Female Vocalist Cover · America


Please take a listen to this really cool cover of the classic America tune. I got it off a compilation CD someone made for me, but I lost the cover jacket that had all the artist details. I would really love to know who sings this, so please leave a comment if you know who this secret songstress is. I love the vibe of this cover and felt it was perfect for the beginning of class during warm-ups.

[See comments below and thanks to Heidi – this song was recorded by Paul Hardcastle and the beautiful vocals are by Helen Rogers. Mystery solved!]

“You & Me” · Dave Matthews Band


Just Breathe” · Pearl Jam

Thanks, Eddie, for providing another subtle way to remind the class to keep their pranayama breathing going. Check out this super cool live version of the band performing “Just Breathe.”


Standing — Sun Salutations and Balance

“I Wanna Love You” · Bob Marley

I think it should be an unwritten rule that every yoga class playlist be required to have at least one reggae song. Mat dancing optional.

“Maha Deva Soulshine” · Wah!

Playing this song made me feel like I was a DJ in a yoga disco dance club. Just Shiva!

“Fooling Yourself” · Styx

The ’80s rocker chick in me comes out. This song actually has a pretty cool message for a yoga class.

“Get up, get back on your feet.

You’re the one they can’t beat and you know it.

Come on, let’s see what you got.

Just take your best shot ….”

Make it Mine” · Jason Mraz

Head over to a table at the gratitude cafe! One more positive affirmation song for good measure and Jason is pretty damn cute. Check out this video – love the brass in the background.


Floor — Back Bends, Heart Openers, Hip Openers, Abdominals, and Twists

“You’re My Best Friend” · Queen

“La Isla Bonita” · Madonna

Sara” · Fleetwood Mac

Forgot how much I loved this tune, and when I heard it again recently, I knew I had to add it to a playlist. Give it another listen; it is perfect for the beginning or end of a class, and the drum beat rocks.


Jealous Guy” · John Lennon & the Flux Fiddlers



“Mahadeva Shambo” · Wade Imre Morissette

You gotta love Wade and this tune just had savasana written all over it.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you can name that artist, and, as always, I’m appreciative of any cool yoga music suggestions you have. Yoga rocks!

Wanna do a little more mat dancing? Shake your booty on over to the Cool Yoga Music page.

Photo: Jeroen van de Sande