Warning: Careful What You Wish For. It Might Just Come True!

If you have followed my blogs over the past year, you know that I’ve been through a little honking-ass amount of “Changes” in my life. I transitioned from a stressed-out vice president to a blissed-out yoga instructor (hey, that could be a good tag line: “From stressed out to blissed out!”). It has been quite a ride, as I’ve tried to figure out what my next move was and how to make it as fun and fulfilling as possible.

I’ve written a few times that my ultimate dream job would be to teach yoga on a beach. I got my first taste of beach yoga while on vacation in Virginia Beach last year and was immediately hooked. I’ve always loved the beach and I love yoga, so I figured if I could mashup the two and share that passion with others, it would be nirvana.

Less than a year away from my first post on this subject, I am happy to report that my dream of teaching yoga on the beach has come true! This summer I will be teaching yoga on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie at two locations (one in Huron, Ohio and one in Vermilion, Ohio), beginning June 6 and running through Labor Day. Click here for full details on the schedule and locations.

I want to give props to the Vermilion Boat Club and the Firefly Beach Resort in Huron for giving me the opportunity to teach on their beautiful grounds.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that when you put something out into the universe, work hard, and have faith, it really can manifest in your life.

I am so excited for this summer and can’t wait to share yoga and the incredible ambience of practicing it on a beach with others. I’ll have the best yoga-class playlist—the sounds of waves, seagulls, and the wind—the best props—sunshine and sand—and the best summer job I can imagine. Now, I just hope the students will show up!