A few weeks ago I shared my latest yoga theme song, “You Get What You Give,” but never got around to sharing the yoga class playlist it was a part of. So, without further delay, here’s the music that embellished the mudras and mantras of a few of my May yoga classes.

Opening Grounding and Warm-ups

Like Rain/Radhe Bolo” · David Newman/Mira

Still high from my virgin kirtan experience, I’ve been exploring the world of kirtan and stumbled upon David Newman. I’m going to a Krishna Das concert later in June, so I’m thinking there will be some more kirtan tunes showing up in my playlists.

“Freedom” · Jim Brickman

For the Summer” · Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs

Ever since I heard “Be Here Now” (which happens to be on my all-time top savasana songs list), I’ve been a huge fan of Ray LaMontagne. I love Ray’s story. He was working in a shoe factory and heard “Tree Top Flyer” by Stephen Sills as he was waking up for work one morning and decided to shuck the job and pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. Worked out pretty well for him!


Standing — Sun Salutations and Flowing Sequences (e.g., yoga-mat dancing)

Light You Up” · Shawn Mullins

This song from Shawn’s CD titled “Light You Up” pretty much sums up my goal in every yoga class: I just want to light you up! When I first heard this song, I knew I had to plug it into a playlist. Favorite line: Everybody wanna lick a your ice cream!

F**kin’ Perfect” · Pink

Before you get all freaked out that I was openly dropping the f-bomb in my classes, rest assured that I picked up the PG version with the f-bombs conveniently dubbed out. The song still rocks without the profanity and conveys one of the core teachings of yoga: to love and accept yourself and your body.

“Pretty pretty please, don’t you ever, ever feel like you’re, less than, less than perfect. You are perfect to me.”

Sending a big thank-you out to Dave Frenz (@Frenzy36) for offering the suggestion to add this song! I loved the message that it sent out to my students.

You Get What You Give” · New Radicals

The song title says it all. This song was my yoga theme song and the theme of the class.

“Waiting for the World to Change” · John Mayer


Floor — Back Bends, Heart Openers, Hip Openers, Abdominals, and Twists

Daydreamer” · Adele

Adele’s gorgeous voice accompanied only by a strumming guitar = nirvana! This song is from Adele’s CD titled 19, aptly named because she wrote the music when she was a mere 19 years old. Her CD titled 21 is equally impressive. I highly recommend both.

“Fields of Gold” · Sting

Actually, I’m surprised I have not had more Sting popping up on the playlists. I need to get on that. Would really love to include “Roxanne” on a playlist, but not so sure a song about a prostitute would evoke good yoga vibes.

“The Sweetest Gift” · Sade

“Antes de las Seis” · Shakira

This song by Shakira is sung completely in Spanish. I had no idea what the lyrics meant, and, to be honest, that didn’t really matter to me. I just love the feeling and emotion that flow out of Shakira. My curiosity got the best of me, though, and I looked up the translation for the lyrics online as I was writing this post. Bugger; I have to admit I was a little disappointed to find out the real meaning of the song.

“Bolo Ram” · Wah!


“Purnamadah” · From Putamayo Presents: Yoga – Shantala

I highly recommend the Putamayo Presents: Yoga album, which includes 14 yoga playlist-worthy songs. Shantala is the music of duo Heather and Benjy Wertheimer. Take a listen and you’ll know why this song makes a perfect background for savasana. I’m digging the flutey/lutey instrument in the background. I need to research what this sacred chant means, but, meanwhile, it is taking me to a heavenly place.

Sammasati · Deva Premal

If you are a yogini, you gotta love Deva. No words in this one, just lots of ooh, ooh, ooh, oohs and a yogalicious savasana wake-up call.


Candle Image: Sabina Graczyk

Love to get your feedback on my playlists. Tell me what you like to listen to in yoga class or if you prefer silence?

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