A few days ago I got in a car with my big brother and drove nine hours—not to go to a family reunion or a really cool destination, but to see a Kiss rock concert. WTF?! I’ve seen Kiss perform several times in Cleveland before, so why, you ask, did we drive all the way to Springfield, Illinois, like a bunch of star-struck groupies?


Well, there were more than a few good reasons.

  • Kiss rocks! Even with Paul Stanley at 59 and Gene Simmons at 62, these dudes still know how to put on a kick-ass rock show.
  • Seventh-row center seats!
  • Kevin Kane of Bad City is a stellar drummer, and when you can go see your buddy’s kid open up for Kiss, it’s priceless.

But I digress. This blog is supposed to be about a yoga theme song, and I’m here to tell you, even at a sold-out Kiss concert, you can have a yogic experience. And, better yet, Paul Stanley can open his heart and spread a Zenlike message to 10,000+ adoring fans.

My yoga theme song inspiration came in the form of the song “Detroit Rock City.” I’m sure it is really hard to perform a rock anthem about a bad-ass rock ’n’ roll city when you’re not playing in said city. Not to worry; Paul, in his infinite wisdom, reassured the audience that it didn’t matter what city you lived in as long as you had the rock ’n’ roll music deep in your soul, you could reside anywhere in your very own Rock City.

Carry that message onto your yoga mat, and it doesn’t matter how far you can go in a pose. If you are fully present, breathing, and have a little love in your heart, you are in yoga rock city!

Transport that message off the mat, pick any situation, and if you go into it with all your heart and soul, you are going to rock it!

My favorite part of “Detroit Rock City” is the guitar solo that starts at 2:22 in the video below and builds into a soaring guitar anthem that instantly transports me to a higher and happier place.

“I feel so good, I’m so alive.”

Here are a few random lyrics from “Detroit Rock City” that convey how I feel about music and the powerful effect it can have on us.

“I hear a song and it pulls me through.

Comes on strong, tells me what I got to do.

I got to get up,

Everybody’s gonna move their feet.

Get down,

Everybody’s gonna leave their seat…”


Even though I love the way this song makes me feel, I think it is a little too heavy to ever make it to one of my actual yoga class playlists. But let me know what you think, and leave a comment below.


P.S. If you ever get the chance as an adult to go on a road trip with one of your siblings, my advice is to go for it. You will have a blast! Sending much love and gratitude to my big bro for letting me tag along to this show. My big brothers started taking me to concerts when I was 13, and I love the fact that they are still turning me on to great rock ’n’roll music today.