One of the goals of yoga is to let go of the chatter in your mind and focus on being fully present. When this happens, we achieve the true meaning of yoga, the union of the body and the mind. If you practice yoga, hell if you are human, you know that this “letting go” is an extremely difficult thing to do!

I had to laugh the other day when I first heard “Lost in My Mind” by The Head and the Heart on the radio. I know some people will think that getting lost in your mind is a bad thing on the yoga mat, that maybe being lost in your mind means that you are drowning in your thoughts and not focusing on clearing the mind. I choose to believe that getting lost in the mind means to truly let go, to move forward into a higher place, a place where you can truly get into the yoga zone.

“Lost in My Mind” has a trippy mellow vibe that I thought would be perfect for class, so I quickly downloaded the song from Amazon, and it’s on my yoga class playlist this week. I’m hoping it serves as a gentle reminder to my students to just let go of the thoughts, the stress, and the to-do list, getting lost for a while in their bodies and in their minds.

I’m digging the hoo hooos in this song. Reminds me a little of my favorite life affirming cheer – woo hooo!

The Head and the Heart is a Seattle-based indie folk band, and this song is from their self-titled debut album, “The Head and the Heart.” I hear this band is phenomenal when they play live, so please leave a comment below to let me know if you’ve been lucky enough to see them up close and personal.

Brain Image: Graphics Fairy