While the classic Thin Lizzy hard rock tune “The Boys are Back in Town” did not make one of my latest yoga class playlists, there were still plenty of wild-eyed boys blasting out my favorite yoga songs. One Trevor, two Michaels, a dash of Krishna, and one of my previous yoga-playlist-featured artists Lenny Kravitz; these crazy cats provide the perfect tunes for this testosterone infused yoga class playlist.



Opening Breath Meditation and Warm Up

Pacific II” – Yoga Zone: Music for Meditation – William Ackerman

Acoustic guitar at its finest – slow, quiet, and perfect for an opening meditation.

“Butterfly Meadow” – Sounds of Spa – Peace – Kevin Kendle

Close your eyes and imagine butterflies fluttering through a meadow, water trickling down a stream, blue skies with plenty of sunshine, and a peaceful melody to transport you to a still, quiet place. This Kevin dude is way in touch with his feminine side and I like it.



“West Side Serenade” (LP Version) – Avenue Blue Featuring Jeff Golub

I’ve been using more and more jazz in my playlists, and this tune comes from Akron, Ohio native Jeff Golub (woot woot – hometown boy). Jeff has had some issues with his eyesight lately, so if you are reading this please take a moment and send some healing karmic vibes his way.

Standing Asanas and Flow

Who You Gonna Turn To” – Trevor Hall – Trevor Hall

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m old enough to be his mother, but I have a big Trevor Hall crush. His reggae inspired music and raspy voice are sultry and, although at first I was going to say “sexy,” I’ll replace that with “spiritual.” You can tell from his music and lyrics that Trevor is a yogi and finds inspiration from his yoga practice, from meditation, and from many trips to India. His music is his message, and he donates a large portion of his earnings to children in India, making him the perfect poster boy for yoga music. If yoga had a heart-throb magazine (kinda like Teen Beat) Trevor Hall would be on the front cover (a lot)!

If you like Trevor, check out his latest album titled Everything, Everytime, Everywhere …everygood!

“Lost in My Mind” – The Head and the Heart

This is my latest yoga theme song and is perfect for yoga class playlists. I was pretty excited when Josiah, one of the band members commented on my post about this song!

“I’ll Be Waiting” The Sound of Sunshine – Michael Franti & Spearhead

The lyrics say it all…

“The best things in life aren’t things – they’re living and breathing…they’re laughing and crying…”

More reggae, more inspirational messages wrapped up in the music, and another big crush on the talented Michael Franti.

“O Rama” – Putumayo Presents: YogaSusheela Raman

Susheela is the only woman representing on this playlist, and she does more than a fine job. I love the drum beat and the cool, flowing vibe of this song. (But I still need to look up the meaning behind these lyrics and check out more of Susheela’s music.)

Every yoga teacher needs to have this album full of great music for yoga class.


“Hanuman Baba” [Dub Farm Remix] – Putumayo Presents: Yoga – Krishna Das

A little kirtan love from one of the masters – Krishna Das.


Floor – Back Bends, Heart Openers, Hip Openers, Abdominals, and Twists


“Everybody Hurts” – Automatic for the People – R.E.M.

I can’t tell you how bummed I was to learn recently that R.E.M. was calling it quits. In homage to the band, I had to include one of my favorite R.E.M. tunes to show my love.

“Dream” – Black and White America – Lenny Kravitz

Lenny has made it to the playlists several times, and this song from his latest album,  Black and White America, has a slow moving beat and a prayer-like groove. If you’re looking for other great Lenny hits to include in your playlists check out “Believe” and “Let Love Rule.”

“It all starts with a dream.

The dawn of a new day.

The god inside of you will always see you through.

So hold onto your dreams.

No one can take the dream from your heart.”


“From the Soul” –Sounds of Spa – Peace – Stuart Jones

Starting with Stuart, the piano took us out for the last three songs with slow, peaceful ticklings of ivory.


Magic Flower – Piano Dreamers 2002

Sundown: A Windham Hill Piano Collection – Jim Brickman

Another hometown boy, Clevelandite Jimmy Brickman closed out class with a gorgeous sundown.


Thanks for listening and please leave your comments, feedback, and suggestions for cool yoga music!


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