Spectacular design, outstanding light-weight engineering, and phenomenal handling precision are combined with unparalleled comfort. No, I’m not talking about the newest Porsche 911, but the brand new compact Vernice Vita Studio Yoga Mat. Racheal Ennis, the founder of Vernice Vita Yoga Mats has done it again, introducing a sleeker, modern interpretation of Vernice Vita’s popular, successful, and original three-layer memory foam yoga mat.

If you’ve been to a yoga class with me recently, you may have noticed my extra-large, cushy yoga mat. I get a lot of stares at the yoga studio when I roll out the original 28 x 72 inch Cadillac version of the Vernice Vita yoga mat, but once my curious fellow yogis check out how cushy it is, they know why I love the riding style and comfort of my Vernice Vita. You can’t beat the luxury or the performance of this engineering marvel.

I got my first test ride of the Cadillac version back in September of 2011 and have been singing its praises ever since. The beauty of the mat is that the bottom layer is skid-proof to stabilize it, the middle layer is ½” memory foam to provide yogalicious comfort for your body, and the top layer is textured and water resistant to stabilize your yoga practice. I have not had any pain in my wrists since I began using my Vernice Vita, and my savasana and meditation times are pure bliss.

My only real issues with the original Cadillac version are that it is a bit unwieldy to carry around to the studio and my NamaSTAY yoga towel wouldn’t fit it. Poof…issues gone! The new studio version is ¼” thick and 4 inches smaller in both width and height. At 24 x 68 inches, my NamaSTAY yoga towel will fit snugly on top when I decide to sweat it all out with my Bikram or hot yoga friends. The studio version is made with the same high quality and patented three-layer construction, so it more than exceeds the exacting standards of my yoga practice.

The Cadillac version caters to taller yogis, injured yogis, athletes who need extra cushion because of joint pain, and pre-natal yoginis, and it’s awesome for Pilates classes. The new studio mat provides the same comfort and is the perfect mat for more advanced yogis. Really, anyone who’s seeking extra support and cushion in their yoga mat will benefit from either of these premium yoga mats. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the testimonials about the Vernice Vita products. Here is what a fellow DDD reader had to say about her purchase.

“This is the best mat EVER.

No more sore wrists — AND I feel more stable. I could totally nap on this thing.”

– Dominique

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