I can’t take credit for this, but I’d like to share these simple, straightforward steps to happiness from Jason Wachob over at MindBodyGreen.com, who originally found them on happinessinyourlife.com. Hey, when you find a little happiness, you gotta keep paying it forward.

Think Less, Feel More

Frown Less, Smile More

Talk Less, Listen More

Judge Less, Accept More

Watch Less, Do More

Complain Less, Appreciate More

Fear Less, Love More

After I read these seven simple steps, I couldn’t help but think that these same seven steps can easily be applied to the practice of yoga, providing guidelines to a deeper, fulfilling, and definitely more joyful yoga practice.

Think Less, Feel More = Let go of the thoughts and chatter in the mind and start feeling more of what is happening inside your body.

Frown Less, Smile More = This is the perfect mantra for those difficult yoga asanas like utkatasana (crowd pleasing chair pose) or paripurna navasana (boat pose). Just wipe the frown off your face and plant a big ol’ smile on your face and see what happens.


Shining Happy Smiling Fruit

Talk Less, Listen More = Turn off that internal dialogue about how inflexible you are, and listen instead to your heart and the sound of your breath.

Judge Less, Accept More = So what if you can’t touch your toes in uttanasana? Take a deep breath, let go of the judgment, and accept exactly where you are today.

Watch Less, Do More = Keep your eyes off the mats of those around you and focus your attention on your practice. This is your practice, not theirs, so let go of the comparison and do more, blossoming into your very own yoga practice.

Complain Less, Appreciate More = Don’t complain or curse your yoga instructor when they take you into asanas that work the abdominals. Instead appreciate the opportunity to strengthen your core, knowing that the difficult poses bring so much benefit and strength to your body. And, if all else fails, you can always fall back on frowning less, smiling more.

Fear Less, Love More = Whether you are new to yoga and attending a class for the first time or are a seasoned yogi faced with a challenging pose, try letting go of the fear and coming to the practice or the pose from a place of love. Kathryn Budig originally turned me on to this concept, and it has become a mantra I embrace in everything I do.

Seven simple steps to happiness. Short, sweet, and no messing around, these steps get right to the point. Use them excessively both on and off the yoga mat. Take a few baby steps today and come along with me – we’re gonna get HAPPY!