On Monday morning I rolled out of bed and prepared to go teach my very last beach yoga class of this summer at Main Street Beach Vermilion. I had a class theme planned, but for some reason this little voice inside my head inspired me to pull out an old favorite mantra of mine to share with the class instead.

I hopped on my bike and rode to downtown Vermilion to find that the cloudy weekend skies had dispersed, the sky was blue, and the lake was shimmering with the morning light. As I stared out at the lake, instead of taking in all of its glory, I was instead festering over the fact that it had not been as pretty over the weekend when I was shooting my very first yoga and meditation videos with GC Creative Studios. I was letting myself get ticked off that Mother Nature had graced us with such a stunning morning now. Why hadn’t she been more generous over the weekend when I really needed her to produce vivid sunsets and clear blue skies?

After a few minutes of obsessing, I finally got the honking kick in the ass that I deserved when my mantra for class popped into my mind, and I knew I needed to put these words into practice.

Attaining Serenity

I no longer let myself be swept into the turmoil of my mind and emotions.

From now on I let go of all stress, tension, and worry so I may attain harmony and serenity.

I will do one thing at a time and savor each moment.

I quickly realized that by worrying about the past, I was not doing the one thing that was most important: savoring the moment I was in and enjoying this gorgeous morning, taking in all of its splendor while preparing to greet my students and savor each and every moment of my last class with them.

I love it when my conscious nudges me down the path I need to go, and that morning it knew I needed the wisdom of these words.

These next few weeks are always tough for me as I transition from spending so much time outdoors on the beach teaching yoga to my fall schedule, and this mantra is going to come in handy as a reminder to not get swept up in missing the days of summer, to not multi-task, but rather to focus on the task at hand and fill up with the sweetness of what is happening right now. I have so much to look forward to, and I plan to savor each and every moment.