Hanging Ten is known as one of the most impressive and iconic stunts one can perform on a surfboard. Master this maneuver – letting a wave cover the back of the surfboard, then walking to the front of the board and hanging all ten toes over the nose of the board – and you get an incredible surfing high. It’s the big kahuna, a total feeling of bliss.

When I perch my behind on the edge of my Manduka meditation cushion, let all ten of my toes dangle off, close my eyes, and allow myself to let go into meditation, this for me is the ultimate rush. It’s my version of hanging ten, of finding my bliss. Taking that meditation experience to the beach is even better, so I’m bringing the beach to you with my brand new Hang Ten Meditation videos.

iconIn celebration of the launch of Hang Ten Meditation, the awesome folks at Manduka are providing me with one of their peaceinpeaceout meditation cushions to giveaway to one lucky Daily Downward Dog reader.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to sit comfortably with a straight spine during meditation. A big factor keeping many people from being able to meditate is their inability to sit comfortably. Having a cushion to provide hip and back support is key, and I’m a big fan of Manduka’s peaceinpeaceout cushions because they are both supportive and comfy.


The coolest thing about these cushions is you can customize them with just the right amount of buckwheat hulls to give the support and lift your body needs. The outside fabric cover ­– made of quick-drying, odor-resistant material – zips open so you can remove the buckwheat hulls. What are those, exactly? They are the husks of a fruit, not a grain or wheat-related source, so if you have wheat allergies you should not have a problem using this product.

There is also a groovy little handle on the cushion, making it easy to grab and take your cushion wherever you want to Hang Ten and meditate. If you want to take the cushion to the beach, no worries! The cover zips off and can be machine washed.

The size of the cushion is 15” in diameter by 3.5” in height, and it weighs 4.2 pounds with all the buckwheat hulls intact.

Enter to Win Your Very Own peaceinpeaceout Meditation Cushion!

2 Meditation & 1 Travel Cushion_Black & LunaWe’re giving away one Manduka peaceinpeaceout meditation cushion, and you can win by showing your support for the launch of Hang Ten Meditation videos. Participate in as many of the actions below as you want, and then leave a comment to let us know. The more you share the love, the more chances you have to win!

–          Stop by the Hang Ten Meditation Vimeo channel and watch a few of the videos for free. If you are feeling really generous, purchase a video and leave a review! For a limited time, the Wave Therapy video is only $1! If you like what you see, please help spread the word.

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Deadline to enter is 11:11 AM EST on Tuesday, June 11, when a winner will be randomly selected from all entries received from peeps that live in the United States.

Meditation can be rewarding in so many healthy ways. When you can sit comfortably, you will be able to sit for longer periods of time, and that is when your meditation practice will truly blossom. A towel, pillow, yoga block, or Manduka peaceinpeaceout meditation cushion can provide the support you need.

Happy meditating!

Got ten minutes? Hang Ten Meditate with us and find your bliss!

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