Have you always wanted to try meditation but don’t think you have the time or ability to sit still and quiet your mind?

These are the two biggest factors that keep people away from the incredible benefits of meditation, and that was the impetus behind my development of Hang Ten Meditation videos.

Carve out just ten minutes from your busy life, and I’ll take you through a guided meditation. Not just any meditation ­– Hang Ten Meditation videos are filmed right on the beach with the soothing sound of the waves to calm the mind and fill you with bliss. Meditation can boost your immune system, ease anxiety and depression, and alleviate chronic stress-related issues like insomnia – even a few minutes from your day can help you reap these benefits and more.

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Meditation is all about quieting the mind, but what most people don’t realize is that when you meditate, the mind is just naturally going to wander. That’s not a bad thing; it’s what’s supposed to happen! It is when we recognize this and come back to our breath that the practice of meditation begins. I can’t think of a better mental cue to remind you to come back to the breath than the magical sound of waves.

The first two videos were shot on the lovely shores of Firefly Beach in Huron, Ohio, and coming soon I’ll have videos available that were shot while I was in Aruba for my Beach Yoga Bliss retreat. I plan to offer videos in different time lengths, but they’ll always be ten minutes or less and will include beautiful beach footage and a soundtrack of the shore.

Check out my Hang Ten Medition Videos on YouTube to find free videos about how to settle into stillness, including a quick five-minute asana practice to prepare the body for meditation. Ready to dive in and break the crashing waves of your mind?

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I am a big proponent of letting go, quieting the monkey mind, and offering the brain a chance to rest and recharge. Invite in the scenes from the beach and sound of surf to make a mini vacation in the middle of your day, and you’ll walk away with a refreshed mind and a renewed sense of creativity.

Stay tuned. I’ll be writing more about the benefits of meditation here on The Daily Downward Dog and sharing Hang Ten Meditation videos.

Got ten minutes? Hang Ten Meditate with us and find your bliss!

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Join me next September 2015 for my yoga retreat in Santorini, Greece!

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