The Daily Downward Dog is seeking a dependable and cheerful certified yoga instructor to lead weekly yoga classes on the beach. Please read the job description below and leave a comment if interested.


Job Description:

Beach Studio Maintenance. The beach is your yoga studio, so you will be responsible for keeping it maintained. This duty includes raking the beach to prepare your beach studio floor, and may also include removal of debris, the occasional dead fish, and at times large sandcastles built right in the middle of your beach studio. Basically, you will need to arrive early and be prepared for just about anything; you never know what unexpected delights a storm, heavy wind, or beachgoers might have left the day before.

Getting ready

Meteorologist. Knowledge of weather patterns and a degree in meteorology or experience as a storm chaser is preferred. You will need these skills to determine if a class should take place or be cancelled due to inclement weather. This is Lake Erie, Ohio, so you have to go with the flow and at times teach a class when it is a bit chilly, or when the heat feels more like a Bikram yoga studio, or there is a slight drizzle of rain, or huge gusts of wind threaten to blow your mat away. Sometimes when there is heavy rain class will wind up under the cover of a pavilion. No matter what, always keep the safety of your students as a number one priority! Your students are dedicated yogis, so even if you think the weather is not going to cooperate, they will be there ready to practice yoga come rain, snow, or sizzling hot temperatures.

Strong Voice. You will need a voice that can project over soaring winds and crashing waves. Some days you can deliver your cues in a whisper, and other days you will need your voice to carry like you are delivering a speech in a huge auditorium.

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 Adaptability. The ability to stay calm, be in the present, and think on your feet is a necessity. You will encounter many distractions: eagles soaring through the sky, dogs running into your practice area, fish jumping out of the water, rainbows, small kids that pull up their beach chairs to watch the class, and at times noisy boats or beach tractors. But none of this will bother you, of course. You’ll teach through the distractions with the sheer focus of guiding your students to a place of bliss.

Expandable Heart. At times you will be so full of joy from the sun shining down on you, the smiles on your students’ faces, and nature’s playlist of wind and waves that your heart will feel like it is going to burst wide open. At these precise moments, your expandable heart will need to kick into full gear so you can share this incredible joy with the entire class.


Benefits: We provide a benefits package that includes sunscreen to keep your skin protected, lots of water to keep you hydrated, plenty of sunshine, and smiling faces. If you are lucky you will also get to pick up a few pieces of sea glass and make many new friends!

Ok, truth time: I’m not really looking for instructors. I just thought it would be fun to share my summer beach yoga job description with all of you. Even on those days when I show up at the beach and have to bury a dead fish, I still pinch myself that I get to do what I love and that I get to do it in such a beautiful place – with such awesome yogis!

prayer pose

I’m sending out a big thanks to everyone who has come to a beach yoga classes this summer! We still have two months to go, so if you have not made it out for a class, please check the schedule and join me soon for a little beach yoga bliss.