Spring is a time of year that brings me a great deal of joy as nature comes alive again with budding trees, daffodils, and green grass. I get to wear sandals again as the weather starts to warm up after a brutally hard winter here in Ohio. But, there is one part of spring that strikes fear and an overwhelming dread in my heart: spring cleaning.

I did a little inventory this weekend, and I cringe as I look around my house and see all the dust, accumulated clutter, and dirty windows. It got me thinking that there’s not just physical clutter in my house I need to deal with; there’s mental clutter that I need to attend to as well. Little chunks of energy have been hiding out inside me that I really need to sweep away in order to allow me to let go and live fully in the present.

And, to top it all off, my yoga mat is looking like it could use a little tender loving care too.

My angst levels starts to rise as I accept the fact that a deep clean is in my future, and it’s time to declutter, lighten the load, and move on.

I’m happy to say that I’ve got the yoga mat cleaning under control thanks to my good friends over at NamaSTAY Yoga Towels, who recently introduced an innovative yoga spray that cleans mats, towels AND clothes, infusing a fresh citrus scent that has undertones of patchouli, lavender, and tea tree pure essential oils.

NamaSTAY Yoga Spray

NamaSTAY Yoga Spray is all-natural and antibacterial so you can simply spray it on your yoga mat after class and wipe it dry to kill bacteria.

I used to just wash my yoga mat with soap and water, but not anymore because I am loving the clean scent of lavender and patchouli that drifts up and greets me when I practice. They say that lavender helps promote clear thinking, calms the spirit, and soothes the skin, and it’s good for circulation to boot.

So, that NamaSTAY Yoga Spray may just help me clear out some of that clutter in my mind. Humm… I wonder if it would work on my windows too.

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