I’m a big believer in listening to messages from the universe. In fact, I’ve written about this subject many times here on The Daily Downward Dog. It is a concept I originally picked up during a workshop with Erich Schiffmann, where he taught us to sit in meditation long enough to when we could tune into what we really needed to know that day.

Ever since then, my receiver has picked up some pretty profound messages, so I never miss a chance to practice this when I’m meditating. Last summer, I had a beach meditation experience that I remember clearly because it was so peaceful with long, luxurious spaces between my thoughts. All of a sudden, a message came blasting in so strong that it opened my eyes fiercely to the bright sunlight with its one-word message, and the image seared into my mind was Bali.

Meditating on Bali

Yes, Bali, the beautiful Indonesian island known for its spectacular beaches and coral reefs, forested volcanic mountains, temples, rituals and traditions, and yoga and meditation retreats!

On that day, Bali was not one of the retreat destinations I was currently considering. I pushed the message out of my mind and went back to my meditation, but to little avail, I couldn’t banish the thoughts of Bali dancing in my mind. The universe was telling me loud and clear that I needed to get to Bali.


Bali, I hear you loud and clear!

I’ll cut to the chase. From that day on, I was convinced that I must do a yoga retreat in Bali and I did in 2017!, I’m super excited to be following my higher intuition and announcing that I’m going back to Bali again for another retreat in March of 2018!

Shanti, Shanti, Bali | March 12-18, 2018


The retreat will be held at the award-winning Floating Leaf eco-luxury retreat center situated in a lush oasis right by the beach in Sukawati, Bali. Retreat yogis will stay in luxurious villas, indulge in healthy delectable meals, grow your practice with twice a day yoga sessions with me, and take part in an impressive list of excursions and healing rituals that will immerse them into the Balinese arts and culture.


One of the many reasons why I decided to lead the retreat at Floating Leaf is that the universe sent me another little nudge when I found out the retreat center is owned by Mikaku Doliveck who just so happens to be from Cleveland, Ohio!


I’m super excited about this retreat and am offering a special early bird discount for yogis who sign up before July 15. So click here to see more stunning pictures of Floating Leaf, and read about each of the exciting retreat highlights.


Bali, beaches, yoga, surfing, meditation, healing spa treatments, relaxation for body, mind and soul, and personal transformation…. are you listening? Shanti, Shanti, Bali is calling your name too!