Woo hoo! Summer has arrived and along with it a host of fun outdoor activities (like beach yoga) and so many things to do that yoga, and especially meditation practices can get pushed off the to-do list.

This summer I’ve decided to make a dedication to my meditation practice, and committed to sitting down every day for at least 5 minutes minimum (but, the more the merrier) to meditate. Even if I don’t have time to get on my yoga mat for a practice, I’m still going to meditate every day. I’m calling it my #dedicationtomeditation or #DTM,  and all that meditating will make it the Summer of Love.

To make it even more fun and powerful, I’m going to meditate the same way each day, with the same hand mudra and mantra.

The mudra: Vajrapradama Mudra


This is one of my most favorite mudras because it is has super powers. Mudras are yoga poses for the hands and each one holds special significance and power. Vajrapradama Mudra is known for its ability to help release attachment to self-doubt and fear, to remove the obstacles that get in our path and keep us from love. It represents self-confidence, courage, conviction, and inner-strength, and who doesn’t need a little bit more of that in their diet!

To come into the mudra, interlace the tops of the fingers and place them on the chest, with the palms resting on the chest and the thumbs pointing upward. The left hand should be near or over the heart to connect with the heartbeat and the energy coming from the heart space. The hands form a hug around the heart bringing a consciousness there to awaken compassion in the heart and a reminder that we are all one and connected to all that exists.

The Mantra: I Am Love


This is one of my favorite mantras as well. Whenever you put the words “I Am” at the beginning of a statement you are creating what you are and what you want to be. When I say the mantra “I Am Love,” it means I am not fear, I am LOVE. I am not judgmental, I am LOVE. I am not hate; I am full of compassion and LOVE. The vibration of this mantra helps me to stop the stories, the negativity, or whatever is bringing me down and causing the fear, so I can release attachment to it and make room for love.


1) Find a comfortable seated position.

2) Bring your hands into vajapradama mudra.

3) Start the mantra saying, “I AM,” as you inhale, and “LOVE,” as you exhale.

4) If you mind wanders away, no worries, just release the thought and come back to the breath with the mantra.

5) You may want to set a timer to track your meditation time.

(For more helpful tips about meditation and guided meditation videos, please visit my Hang Ten Meditation page.)


So, who is with me? Are you ready to dedicate yourself to meditation? Just five minutes a day is all it takes. You can dedicate to doing it for 30 days or for the whole summer (through September 21) or for longer than 5 minutes (just don’t attach too many rules to the process, or beat yourself up if you miss a day). I’ve been told that vajrapradama mudra is so powerful that meditating with it for one month can completely change your life.

Let’s make this the Summer of Love, dedicating to five minutes of meditation a day, taking time to give the mind a well deserved break, and at the same time recharging our vibration of love. It is going to be my daily exercise to kick fear and all other obstacles out of my way!

Leave a comment below if you want to join me this summer, and I’ll send you vibrations of love and stay in touch if you like to keep us all motivated. I’ll be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram @dailydownwarddog, so follow me there and use and search for the #dedicationtomeditation and #summeroflove hashtags so we can all stay connected.