Breathe In: May I     Exhale Out: Be Happy

Breathe In: May I     Exhale Out: Be Healthy

Breathe In: May I     Exhale Out: Be Safe

Breathe In: May I     Exhale Out: Live in Peace

Ready to change your mood with a tried and true meditation? Find a comfortable seated position, close your eyes, settle into a calm and steady breath, with your inhale breathe in, “May I,” and then exhale out, “Be happy.” Continue that breath pattern with each part of the Loving Kindness mantra – Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe, and Live in Peace. Repeat the mantras for a few minutes, then change the wording on the inhale to, “May They,” and offer the four part blessing to someone you know needs some extra loving kindness. After a while change the words on the inhale to, “May all beings,” and WOW you have taken the blessing from you, to those you love, to spreading Loving Kindness to the whole universe. It feels OMazing.

Don’t you just love the meaning behind these words and the intention and blessing they infuse into your heart and soul as you repeat them? We all just want to be happy and feel loved, but how often do you offer yourself such a blessing? How often do you offer the same blessing to others? There are so many benefits to spreading loving kindness and compassion,

Wouldn’t it be cool to meditate to the Loving Kindness mantra every day? To spend time learning how to nurture and love yourself and then spread that kindness and compassion to others? How about spending a whole week doing just that in a warm tropical beach location in the Caribbean?


Come spend a week with me in the beautiful Mayan Riviera of Mexico this November 6–12, 2016, and immerse yourself in a journey that is all about cultivating loving kindness for yourself. A gift of a week to travel to another part of the world for new adventures, for inward reflection, setting dreams and intentions, enjoying the warmth of sunshine on your face, relaxing on the beach, and practicing inspirational asana flows that will nurture your spirit and feed your soul.



The retreat will be held at the lovely Casa Om that sits across from the beach yet delivers top-deck ocean views and beach-bum relaxation. It is located above the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, while retaining the fun and energy of both. Set yourself up in the chilled out rooms, sun-kissed yoga studio and beach deck for a week of vitamin D yoga-it-all-out beach bliss. Watch this video to get a glimpse into the adventures and yoga that await!

The week’s yoga practices, suitable for all levels, will be infused with my joyous and uplifting teachings, allowing you time for reflection, healing, and transformation. The morning yoga session will be held in either Casa Om’s beautiful yoga room or on the beach deck overlooking the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, practicing to a soundtrack of the soothing sounds of the surf. The afternoons are full of adventures that will immerse you in the Mayan culture, swimming and exploring cenotes, snorkeling with sea turtles, or to just take time to rest, relax, and recharge at the pool or beach. Your day will end with relaxing yoga sessions that include restorative yoga, myofascial release, reiki, meditation, and yoga nidra.


Ready to get your Loving Kindness on? Contact The Travel Yogi to make your reservation, and then grab your passport and pack up your yoga mat and join us for a week of bliss!