The picture above is from a Lake Erie sunset on Saturday, July 14. I’ve seen many sunsets over the lake and always marvel at how different each one is, but I’ve never seen one quite like this.

This sunset was a sweet reminder of something important that I believe Mother Nature was trying to convey.

The sky to the left is dark and gloomy, and the sky to the right is bursting with radiant orange, pink, and golden light. It reminded me of the choices I get to make every day. I can either wake up and be in a funk, or I can wake up believing it is going to be an amazing day. I get to choose my vibe – gloom or joy! We all get to make that choice every day.

You can take this teaching to everything you do and know you always have a choice – dark and gloomy or sparkly and bright. Negativity versus positivity.

What choice will you make today? Will you radiate positivity?

I’m going to print this picture out and hang it where I can see it often and let Mother Nature remind me to choose happiness and joy.