A yoga retreat is a marvelous way to nurture yourself.  With the rampant increase in breast cancer, I can think of nothing more powerful to learn about than how to nurture your breast health with Dr. Sharon Stills and me during our Women of Wisdom Retreat this February in the sacred RED rocks of Sedona.

We will explore the connection of Breast Health and your chakras, best practices for how to prevent breast cancer, at home tips you can start doing right away to enhance your breast health and have an authentic conversation about our breasts and what they do and don’t represent to us on a deeper level.  Learn the life themes and energetic patterns that result in breast cancer.  Learn about the connection between your teeth, your thyroid, your stomach, and your breasts.

In the powerful energy of the RED Rocks of Sedona this February, you will have the opportunity to spend 3 or 5 nights with me and my amazing co-leader, Dr. Sharon Stills, and I promise it will be magical, memorable and the very best medicine for your soul.

There will be two yoga and meditation sessions each day with me and informative workshops on women’s health with Sharon. This is a unique and invaluable opportunity to spend a lot of time with Dr. Sharon to learn and have your specific questions answered while learning new ways to take care of yourself. 

Your Guides: Maria Santoferraro & Dr. Sharon Stills

Spaces are limited so please don’t hesitate and grab yours now.  As a matter of fact -grab someone you love- a friend, a relative, a co-worker and bring them along.  Together we will join in community and heal, play, laugh and be nurtured.  This one is just for the ladies so if you are a man then share this with your wife, sister, daughter, etc. and encourage them to do this for themselves.

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