I have a confession to make: I got the inspiration for this post when I was in a bathroom. While in the WC I took the opportunity to check out the artwork hanging on the walls, and  a lovely collage of magazine clippings all about yoga, love, and kindness caught my eye. Whenever I see a collage like this I’m always interested to see which phrase or image my eyes will gravitate to first.


On that particular day the phrase was – Create Your Own Loving Kindness Yogathon. This of course brought a huge, honking smile to my face and I thought to myself, “Wow, what a perfect instruction to get as I step on my yoga mat.”

Today I Will Create My Own Loving Kindness Yogathon

What is loving kindness? To me it means being compassionate, loving, and nurturing – letting go of all the negative energy, fear, stress, and stories pinging around in my head and instead making a wish that I be happy, healthy, safe, and live in ease. On the yoga mat it is practicing ahimsa, honoring the body, and being present.

The Loving Kindness Yogathon must start on your yoga mat, and then you can (and must) take the loving kindness off the yoga mat and into your life, continuing to spread the love to your friends, family, and all beings.

If I could boil this idea of a Loving Kindness Yogathan into a beautiful mantra, those words would be – I AM LOVE. I am not fear, I am not judgmen, I am not hate – I am Love.

You have the opportunity to create your own Loving Kindness Yogathon every time you step on your yoga mat and each and every morning when you wake up.

I’m digging this concept so much, I may just have to start calling my yoga retreats Loving Kindness Yogathons!


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Thanks for stopping by the Daily Downward Dog today! I couldn’t let March go by without at least one blog post. I have so much to write about, but this year most of my spare time has been spent immersed in my 300 hr-yoga teacher training and some new yoga projects I am working on. Please be patient because, when I do have the time, I have lots of yoga inspiration and more loving kindness that I can’t wait to share with you.