Are you familiar with the acronym FOMO? This terms was introduced to me recently, and it describes a mental state that most of us are familiar with, the Fear of Missing Out. Let’s face it, there are just too many channels begging for our attentionĀ these days, so it is easy for the mind to get agitated to a point where we fear that we don’t have enough time to do everything we want to. I personally believe that Facebook and Instagram may be the root cause of much of my personal FOMO, because each time I log-in I see another yoga festival or workshop I want to attend, and all the great things my friends are doing, and it just makes the angst inside me start to bubble up. Do you know that feeling?

I would much rather replace the word FEAR with the word JOY, and focus instead on the Joy of Missing Out! There is a blissful freedom that comes when I shut off my phone, turn off my Facebook alerts, and just enjoy some quiet time. In essence, each time I step on my yoga mat it is a time to practice JOMO. When I come to the mat and leave behind my to-do list and stress, quiet my mind, and practice breath with movement, I get to experience the joy of missing out, and missing out has never felt so good.

small joy

If you think about it, the practice of yoga and meditation are the ultimate forms of JOMO. In meditation we seek to find a quiet place for the mind, to turn off the noise, to settle into a place of peace, and in that peace there is joy. Spending quiet time alone is a beautiful gift you can and should give yourself every day.

I’m dedicating myself to more fully practice the joy of missing out over the next month. All those times I’m sitting with my family or friends and I feel the urge to reach for my cell phone to check for messages, I’m going to remind myself of how good it feels to miss out on the chatter and be fully present for the people I’m with. Or, when I’m meditating and a pesky thought keeps coming up, I’ll get a smile on my face as I silently say to myself, “Jomo, jomo, jomo,” just like a mantra.

Take the challenge and let go of the fear, and embrace JOY, the joy of missing out.

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