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I’m just getting started but I’m on a quest to find the best yoga instructional DVDs. I’ve been lucky to find great yoga instructors in my area, but I know sometimes it’s hard to find a yoga studio or the right instructor in your neighborhood. If you are in need of yoga instruction or a great yoga gift (it’s never too early to start Christmas gift shopping), there are many resources to turn to, including DVDs and online training classes.

At the Daily Downward Dog you’ll find a great variety of the best yoga instructional DVDs from folks like Trudie Styler and Rodney Yee. The recommended DVDs cover problem areas like scoliosis and back pain, help prevent stress and injury, and cover all ranges of practice from yoga for beginners, seniors, vinyasa flow to advanced. And, when we find a great yoga DVD sale, we pass along the discount to you. If you’re looking for a great yoga gift for the yoga enthusiast on your list, this is the place to shop.

If you have a recommendation to share, please leave a comment and let us know why you love it! Got a yoga DVD you would like the Daily Downward Dog to review? Contact us at

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  1. Jenelle

    As far as Yoga DVDs are concerned, I really like Mandy Ingber. This was my first Yoga DVD and my introduction to Yoga. It is for beginners and doesn’t have any complicated or impossible poses. There are also toning exercises which are common and familiar. After doing her Yoga, I fell in love and have started more advanced Yoga routines. I am in the Army and thought that Yoga couldn’t give me the heart-pumping, sweat inducing, muscle failure workout that I was used to. Boy was I wrong! Mandy worked me good and made me fall in love with Yoga. I recommend to beginners. This is her website where you can buy the DVD. You can also download lessons.


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