Beginner Yoga Classes

Beginners’ Yoga 5-Week Class Series & Workshops

Yoga Bliss Akron | Sunday, February 10, 2019 | 1:00 – 3:15 PM | Beginners Workshop

Yoga Bliss Akron | Mondays, January 7 – February 4, 2019 | 7:00 – 8:15 PM | Five-Week Beginners Series 

Sequoia Wellness | Wednesday, January 9 – February 6, 2019 | 7:00 – 8:00 PM | Five-Week Beginners Series

Have you always wanted to practice yoga but didn’t know where to start? If you are seeking a series of yoga classes that will demystify yoga and teach the basics in a supportive and fun environment, then join me for this five-class beginners’ yoga series! In the series, you’ll learn about the background of yoga, pranayama (breathing) exercises, step-by-step instruction of the basic asanas (yoga postures) to demonstrate proper alignment and safety.

Throughout the series, suggestions for modifications to poses will be presented to ensure that everyone can participate, and we’ll review proper use of props and the Sanskrit and English names of the yoga postures. Each class builds on the next, leaving you with a core foundation to start your personal yoga practice. What to bring: A yoga mat, water, and an open beginner’s mind. Questions will be encouraged and are welcome throughout the class. Wear comfortable clothing.

For Registration – contact Yoga Bliss 

Sequoia Wellness at (330) 578-9030.


Yoga 2.0 – Yoga Class Series Series

Monday, February 11 – March 11, 2019 | Yoga Bliss Akron | 7:00 – 8:15 PM

This class series is perfect for those who have completed the 5-week beginners’ series or workshop and for those looking to explore and deepen the spiritual side of their yoga practice. Each class will build on the foundation of the Beginners’ Series while adding beginning arm balances, inversions, and more advanced balance, twisting, and standing asanas, all with a focus on proper alignment and quieting the mind. This series will include teachings from the yoga sutras and cover the eight limbs of yoga, with an emphasis on learning how to meditate. Each session will end with a guided meditation practice. Throughout the series suggestions for modifications to poses will be presented, along with proper use of props and the Sanskrit and English names of the yoga postures. Prepare to learn, laugh, relax, and grow deeper in your yoga practice in these highly motivating classes. The class is held in the Ganesha Studio (maintained at 70 degrees). Class size is limited to 16 students so register early!  Workshop fee: $55. Please note that there are no refunds or make-ups for sessions missed.

Contact the studios noted above to register for classes as space is limited. Or, contact Maria for more details and to learn how you can schedule either private yoga instruction or yoga classes for your workplace or group.


Savasana Yoga Pose

Still not sure about learning yoga from Maria? Read what some of her students have to say:

“For being an athletic person but totally brand-new to yoga, I was overwhelmed. With Maria’s friendly and welcoming demeanor, she immediately calmed my intimidation and insecurities. Throughout her classes, I think she provided a perfect balance between the mental and physical parts of practice. She made it relevant to everyday life and aligned with everyone by offering different modifications and insights into her own practice. What really helped me the most was learning and constantly being reminded that yoga is a practice and it is personal to you and only you…no judgments on the mat and no comparison to those around you. This may be a “duh” to all the experienced people, but for me being totally new to all things yoga this is something that was extremely important to establishing my own foundation for practicing. As an outsider to yoga thanks for emphasizing this. It may seem trivial but it was life changing for me.”  – Yoga Bliss student

“Maria is outstanding – gave lots of tips/modifications and continually reassured about it being okay to have limitations as we begin. Loved the complete view of yoga she also provided (the background, Sanskrit names of poses) and the meditation part. She gave us the whole package and a great foundation!” – Yoga Bliss student

“Maria was excellent. Informative, patient, helpful, and the class was structured well. She easily adapted information and movements to the level of the student.”  – Yoga Bliss student

…About 7 months ago I took one of your beginner yoga workshops @ yoga bliss.  It was my first time doing yoga, and I was very nervous.  I was sweating before I even came into the building haha.  Luckily I did because now I love yoga and come regularly. I just wanted to E-mail you quickly and let you know how much I appreciated your comforting and understanding workshop on that day.  It probably didn’t seem like much from the outside, but inside it meant a lot because I was so nervous.  Yoga is one of the best things to ever happen to me, and I have you to thank for helping me get my journey started!  I’ll never forget that.  Anyways, thanks again, and happy holidays!  Ben Wenger


I would like to say personal thank you for your great job. I’ve gotten impressed by your personal story and started sharing it with my patients who present with chronic pain that does not respond to traditional medical management. Thank you again. V. Ostreyko

“Maria is absolutely awesome. She’s supportive, friendly and always going out of her way to be a great teacher. I learned a ton from her in both of the beginner series.” – Yoga Bliss student

“Maria is an amazing teacher; she made everyone feel comfortable no matter what level they were.” – Yoga Bliss student

“The class exceeded my expectations. Maria was experienced and dynamic, yet offered a sacred place where we could all begin to understand why yoga can be such a life changer.” – Yoga Bliss student

“Excellent instructor. Knowledgeable and creative. I felt that she had a deep passion for yoga that was contagious. Would highly recommend and would take any class Maria had to offer. Maria is a very comforting person and her voice is relaxing which is important for doing yoga, in my opinion! I definitely feel like I have a basic knowledge of yoga poses and terminology.” – Yoga Bliss student

Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed the class and want to come back for more.   Thanks for introducing me to Yoga.  I didn’t know what to expect and it is different from what I thought it would be, but I liked it!  – M.Davis

“Maria was so bright and welcoming. Very personal and full of energy and passion for yoga in a good way – not over the top, just perfect.” – Yoga Bliss student

“Maria made sure everyone understood what to do and adjusted people accordingly.” –Yoga Bliss student

“I wanted to learn some pose basics in a safe, friendly encouraging environment. I was very intimidated going in, but from the first second with Maria, I was at ease and comfortable. She’s awesome!” – Yoga Bliss student

“I’ve just begun a workshop at Yoga Bliss but so far everything is very pleasing. The registration process was very easy, the class I’m in I like a lot and think the instructor is great. In the past, I’ve been in yoga classes where all participants kept to themselves and there was no interaction but I do not get that sense in my class (due to Maria’s warmth and openness) and I think that helps on many levels especially in helping everyone feel comfortable in their beginning practice.” – D.M. Yoga Bliss Student

Contact the studios noted above to register for classes as space is limited. Or, contact Maria for more details and to learn how you can schedule either private yoga instruction or yoga classes for your workplace or group.