This Sunday there will be a full moon – but not just any full moon. This one is being touted as a SUPER full moon, aptly named because it is going to be the night of my inaugural Full Moon Yoga class!

I’ve always wanted to teach yoga during the full moon, and this year I’m finally getting around to it with a Super Full Moon Yoga class to be held at Firefly Beach on the lovely shores of Lake Erie in Huron, Ohio.

The reason for the SUPER moniker is due to the fact that this full moon is not only the closest and largest full moon of this year, but it also will be the moon’s closest encounter with earth for all of 2013!

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WOW – please join me and tap into the power and energy of this super full moon and align with the natural rhythms of the season. It is said that the full moon is a time that brings closure to things that no longer serve us, enabling us to set intentions and dreams to nourish us in the days to come. Plus, this full moon falls just two days after the Summer Solstice (the first day of summer and longest day of the year), so it will be a magical night out on the beach.

We’ll enjoy rhythmic and empowering moon salutations; nurture our bodies, minds, and souls; balance our energies; and awaken our creativity and intuition as we flow through asanas in the divine light of this super full moon. There will be time at the end of class for meditation, setting intentions, and sending dreams out into the universe.

Feel free to come early to Firefly Beach to catch the sunset at 9:05 PM (I recommend you get there at about 8:50 to fully appreciate the beauty of the big orange ball dropping down into the lake). The Super Full Moon class will start at 9:15 PM and is a one-hour, all-levels-welcome class.

What to Bring: I’ll have sheets down on the beach to protect your yoga mat or towel. Bring flashlights to help guide you back up the hill to the parking area after class. There will be tiki torches on the beach to provide light. You may want to bring an extra layer of clothing or a blanket to cover up with during savasana and meditation, and you might also want to have some buy spray on hand.

Cost: This is a donation-based class.

Location: The Firefly Beach Resort is located directly behind the Erie Kai Tavern at 4903 Cleveland Road East (Route 6) in Huron, Ohio, just minutes away from Vermilion and Sandusky, Ohio. Please park in the Erie Kai Tavern’s side parking area and walk down towards the beach. Check-in for this class is under the pavilion at the top of the beach.

Class will be cancelled in the event of rain. I’ll post updates on the Daily Downward Dog Facebook page if the weather is questionable.

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