Sequoia Wellness Rootstown

Join me for a weekly yoga class or workshop at Sequoia Wellness


All Levels Vinyasa Flow

Wednesdays Beginning October 11 | 5:15 – 6:15 PM

Sequoia Wellness at Northeast Ohio Medical Center

Located at 4209  State Route 44 in Rootstown, Ohio (330) 578-9030

Upcoming Workshops

Beginners Yoga } Saturday, October 7 | 9:30 – 11:45 PM | Free for members/$20 for non-members

Beyond Beginners Yoga | Saturday, November 4 | 9:30 – 11:45 PM | Free for members/$20 for non-members

Space is limited | Contact Sequoia Wellness to register in advance.


Click here for more information about Healthy Mind, Body, Soul Yoga Teacher Training at Sequoia Wellness








Yoga for Menopause 


Yoga for Stress

meditation pic

Stressed out? Join Maria Santoferraro E-RYT 500 and Dr. Tara Scott, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Revitalize Medical Group for an informative and relaxing afternoon workshop to learn about how stress affects your body, how to test for it, and how the practices of gentle and restorative yoga, pranayama breathing exercises, meditation, and essential oils can help reduce it. You’ll gain valuable information and effective tools you can easily use to let go of stress and manifest more peace of mind. The yoga practice will be accessible to all levels.

Tara is an OB/GYN that has been in practice for almost 20 years. She is triple board certified in OB/GYN, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She has been treating hormonal disorders for 12 years and opened her Integrative practice, Revitalize, in 2013. She recently “retired” from OB/GYN to focus completely on functional medicine. 


The Yoga of Bob Marley

One Love, One HeartThe Yoga of Bob Poster

Join Maria Santoferraro for a musical vinyasa journey into the music and yes, yogic teachings of Bob Marley. The class will start with a brief discussion about the music and yogic messages of Bob Marley, followed by an all levels yoga flow to their music, and will end with a peaceful guided meditation.


Myofascial Release with Yoga

Man suffering from back pain

This one-hour session will provide useful information about the myofascial tissue that is found throughout the body and why it is so important to stay active to keep this tissue from forming knots or trigger points. Through the use of foam rollers and yoga postures you will be guided through the body to perform a self massage that will aid in releasing the myofascial tissue.


  1. Margaret Morgan

    Any chance the Myofascial Release Yoga class will be offered again? I work on April 23. Thank You!

    • Maria @dailydownwarddog

      Hi Margaret – no plans yet, but I will keep you posted if we offer it at another time. Thanks for your interest!!


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